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Smart Guard

Smart Guard helps people are at risk in emergency cases. With the help of the Smart Buddy wearableit studies your health situation and your average heartbeat, analyzes the noises surrounding you (silence, screaming, bombs, and others), your movements and your location. Combined with other factors like the current daytime, data about dangerous and unsafe areas an intelligent machine learning based algorithm can analyze these inputs and decide if you are in danger or in unsafe situations and categorize them. If something happens, it sends anauto-alarm for the current situation to contacts of your choice or to emergency services (police/ER).


 PocketCoach – a mobile app that works like chat aiming to provide assistance to fight stress and anxiety through conversation and suggested exercise for the users – https://www.pocketcoach.co/








Kubo – mobile app to establish a connection with local restaurants and small business in order to provide better efficiency and services for the clients.