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Mobile App Camp Madrid 2016: The Hackathon

After carrying out the days of the Mobile App Camp Madrid 2016, and evaluate all fantastic and innovative projects that were presented, three lucky winners have been chosen who will receive their prize consistent on a trip to Skopje, Macedonia, with all expenses paid, for a three week stay in which they will be formed in a course of Apps.
The Hackathon, held on 22 and 23 April brought together a group of young people under 33, divided in a multidisciplinary way (entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, artists, journalists, etc.) who developed their ideas focused on generating Social impact.
“Cuida2”, the first selected app, the main purpose of which is, by using Bluetooth sensors, monitor the behavior of elderly or certain disability / disease people, enabling better attention and care.
The second selected App is “Helping”, which, based on micro-volunteering actions, allows to connect with others willing to put solutions to everyday problems, all is this through a simple and intuitive design. 
Finally, “Find me a Home” was the winning Apps, centered in this case in the abandoned animals. Within this App, shelter profiles can be found so you can contact them, as well as profiles of the animals that have been found and need a home. The app was made by Juan Jesus Cilla Ugarte (Madrid, 1993), Lucia Tahan (Madrid, 1989) and Juan Antonio Cobos Obrero (Córdoba, 1987). More info about the winners HERE.
In addition, one of these projects will participate in turn in the EYA Congress and the WYSA (World Summit Youth Award) competition to be held from November 30 to December 3 in Graz, Austria, this year.
See more pictures from Mobile App Camp in Madrid, Spain HERE.

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