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Smart Eyes Protector

Smart Eyes Protector (Best Functionality Award & Best Market Potential/Performance Award) by Tommy Yung & Mandy Yiu (HKUST) is an Android application that aims at preventing users from several common eyes diseases such as shortsightedness, strabismus, and so on. An image processing system is combined with a camera service to measure the distance between the screen and user’s eyes and record the screen-on time. By using this information obtained from the image processing system, some rules are set to prevent user from using smartphone in improper manner. User will be warned by several formats- screen-block, warning message, and pop-up preview. A usage report is provided to users so that they can understand their habit of using smartphone. You can download and find more information about the application on the following link.

Breathing Training

Breathing Training (Best Benefit and Impact Award) by Ben Ho (Hong Kong University). Air pollution strongly affects breathing therefore the main aim of the app is instant air pollution information will be shown on the apps. Good for observation developed by app can help to avoid elderly to stay in the polluted area. The application is using the user’s location and air quality.


2017-03-16-11_32_52-14-Pedosa-Innovation-a-Jordan-Fung-companyPedosa stands for Promote eDevelopment and Open Source Applications. The mobile application was founded in 2011 by Jordan Fung, a 14-year-old entrepreneur and programmer from Hong Kong. The application aims to bring modern technologies to everyone, especially the younger generation through hands-on development. Transform them from users to makers, and reshape the future of technology through the development of cloud infrastructure and an innovative ecosystem of products and services.