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The Evaluation meeting was the final meeting which took place also in Singapore from 24 to 27 January 2017. This special meeting served so that each side gave their final impressions and feedback on the annual activities. During the 4-day meeting, partners discussed the outcomes of the project, its impacts, results and agreed on potential follow-up activities. Partners answered if estimated project results have been reached within the annual activities, and further on, addressed recommendations for future work.


The project partner also reflected on the WSYA Summit and discussed how to make the best applicability of the winning applications.

Therefore as a part of the project, the mobile applications have been developed aiming to solve a problem in the community and thereby, make an impact. Each of participating countries at the project conducted national coding camp, from which hundreds of youths directly benefited in improving their digital skills.

Agreement on follow-up activities for the promotion of the mobile applications followed. Project partners dedicated time to fine tune the measurement of the project benchmarks (no. of developing mobile apps for youth and education per country; location and online accesses to these activities; no. of downloaded mobile apps on Google play platform), and aside that, gave final networking for future activities, just before new opportunities arise.



If results from overall evaluation show that the project met the expected objectives and results, all partner organizations will continue their cooperation to identify new projects, involve more/new countries and topic which will continue to tackle the field of m-Leaning, as the natural extension of the e-Learning. The mobile apps will stay maintained and updated after the project finalization and they will continually tackle the education-employment issue.

As part of the project, more than 30 mobile applications were developed, many of them are available for download on iTunes or Google play. Four of the apps produced within the mYouth project succeeded among the category winners at the well-known WSYA: Andando in the category Go Green, Pedosa in the category Digital Generation, egiBU in Education for All and Picture Word in Fighting Poverty, Hunger and Disease.