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volunter-appVolunteer is a  mobile platform helping the user to find easily a volunteer work he/she would like to participate in. Giving him/her recommendations based on his/her preferences and notifying him/her with new volunteer opportunities. The application is aiming to bring awareness to people about volunteering and simplifying the whole process of finding an appropriate company/organization.


Capture 23FindMyStuff is a great project for a mobile lost and found service for Bulgaria. It will enable people not only to share information about lost or found objects or animals. It will also make it possible for public authorities and various organizations (transportation centers, train stations, airports, schools, restaurants etc.) to enter the “lost and found community”. This way, it would be easier than ever to return that lost wallet you found or to find that umbrella you forgot on the subway.                                                     


Have you ever wondered if you can sing? How does your voice sound – good or bad? If you have, then you probably know that shyness that makes it so hard for many people to sing face-to-face to someone just to receive feedback and guidelines for improvement. Singer is a social network platform, which helps people who are interested in singing to share their covers of their favorite songs, exchange feedback and ratings about them. In addition, the best songs can gain promotion with the opportunity of launching a new successful singing career.