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Juan Jesus Cilla Ugarte (Madrid, 1993)

He studied Technologies and Telecommunication Services at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He is currently developing his Final Degree Project within electronics specialty. He combines his studies with his job as Android applications developer in Aplyss Consulting and Solutions, and with the teaching of after-school robotics and programming classes for children of all ages in Young Inventors S.L.

Lucia Tahan (Madrid, 1989)

He studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Polytechnische Universität Berlin (Germany) and Bezalel Academy of Art Jerusalem (Israel). Currently it is developing a research project on urban scenarios in Jerusalem as part of the decolonization process in Cisjordania. In 2013 she co-founded an architecture study dedicated to small-scale residential projects since 2015, and she is also a member of the group of architecture and design Leon11. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Israel, Germany and Japan. Recently her interest in the multidisciplinary design has led her to get involved in projects regarding web design and interface.

Juan Antonio Cobos Obrero (Córdoba, 1987)

Computer Engineer from the University of Cordoba. He currently works at Vector ITC Group, and is being formed in Android, among other languages. Free-software enthusiast, involved with social and environmental causes. He believes that everyone can do something for others, therefore collaborates with Anikto Cordoba to help who needs it, using his profession, in exchange for a social event. It also collaborates with the protective Noah’s Ark in Cordoba.