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Find me a home

Photo credits Fundación CibervoluntariosJuan Antonio Cobos, Juan Jesús Cilla, and Lucia Tahan met for the first time at the Madrid Hackathon and created an online platform to find temporary and permanent homes for otherwise neglected animals. So many animals are abandoned and neglected. They wanted to offer an alternative so people can find anything from someone to look after their cat while they are on holidays to a nearby volunteer to help them rescue a stray dog that they have just spotted in the street.

Meanwhile, people who are interested in adopting but are not yet sure can open up their homes to an animal in need temporarily instead of adopting and then abandoning. They also wanted to help shelters find adoption families to “rehome” their animals, dynamically network with independent foster homes, and join the collaborative economy to fund their services. Any animal that needs care and a roof should be able to find it easily and quickly, and we want to make that possible. Thinking that fewer animals will be homeless is what keeps us working hard.