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SOMAAPPS is founded with a mission to accelerate the advent of mobile software technologies, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. Somaapps started as a solution-centric company with the aim to create simple and smart solutions that solve community challenges through mobile applications, digital technologies and the use of the Internet platform while creating wealth as entrepreneurs.

They have expertise in Mobile Application development, Business development, Business Branding, Digital Marketing, web design, web development, e-commerce, Paid Media, Account Management & Strategy, Consumer Insights, Creative Production, and Social Analysis.

At SOMAAPPS they thrive on their vibrant, Lattice and Eclectic culture. The Somaapps team is united by an unwavering passion for quality and problem-solving. They focus on strategy, design, and development as we passionately pursue the simplicity, solution-centric, cutting-edge of mobile apps. SOMAAPPS is not an office; it’s a collection of brilliant minds, with stellar ideas from all walks of life. Within their walls, one can find magical solutions that aspire to delight the world and their customers.


  1. Mobile Apps Development;
  2. Branding;
  3. User Experience development;
  4. Digital marketing;
  5. Creative & Production;
  6. Social Analysis;
  7. Consumer insights

Contact person: Isaya Zachariah
Email: isaiahzep2015@gmail.com
Phone: +255 677 372 737
Web: https://staging.somaapps.com
Address: Dar es Salaam, Sinza C, Kinondoni, Tanzania