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20160515_153956With the slogan, “We connect you to your peers”, Quest is an Android mobile app with an objective to help tertiary students in Singapore to get academic help by connecting with their peers nationwide. The Quest mobile application will provide a friendly Q&A platform for all tertiary students in Singapore, ranging from University students to students in Polytechnic and ITE institutions.

Whether it’s a student looking to ask questions about school assignments, polytechnic or university modules or simply looking to connect to brainy peers on our platform, this mobile application is the perfect platform! With Quest, students can tap on a bigger network so that they can acquire data and evaluate valuable insights from students who have better knowledge than their circle of friends. Quest is also able to help tertiary students get academic help without wasting money on additional tuition.

Civil Heroes

20160515_153836Civil Heroes is a 2D Side Scrolling game on both Android and IOS. The player plays as the Civil Heroes to rescue civilians. In this game, you can play as 2 different Taskforce Team(s) consisting of 3 different occupations in each team. All 3 occupations can be switched at will to clear obstacles using their respective unique abilities.

The Objective of each level is to rescue all 3 civilians. Though in order to fully clear the level as in to get all 3 medals, the player must fulfil certain side objectives such as finding all the gems.
Each Taskforce have a total of 3 missions to complete excluding the tutorial, bringing to a total of 6 missions. The player will have to complete the 1st mission to unlock the next, though they can change which Taskforce to play at any time.

Task Force 1 – Police Officer, Construction Worker and Nurse

Task Force 2 – Fire Fighter, Cleaner and Paramedic