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Coding is not anymore a skill for professional programmers, nevertheless, the ability to code, like the ability to read and write, is becoming an essential part of fluency in today’s society. Knowing how to code clearly comes as a valuable job skill, as reports and indicators worldwide show that the number of jobs for programmers and computer scientists is growing rapidly; these skills will be very much desired further on in the future as many jobs of the future, still to be introduced in the world, would require it as invaluable asset.

Africa Continetal Mobile Camp was held from April 10-15th,2018 in Acrra, Ghana, where 12 winning teams of developers from Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana gathered together in one place do develop their apps event further and compete. Yes, you’ve read correct: to compete!

The winners of the Continetal Camp are:

– Mtabe from Given Edward
– Autism Ambassadors Of Ghana from Alice Mamaga Akosua Amoako
– Beacon chat from Allan Okoth
– Ushauri from Derrick Gakuu

They also won a ticket to attend the mYouth training in Macedonia from September 16-23, 2018. All costs for participation (accommodation, travel, visa, meals) were covered for those applicants who won this ticket.

With all the brilliant ideas for mobile applications, this was the chance and getaway for all the participants to embark on a special journey, where, aside working on mobile app ideas, they also entered a vibrant network to pitch the ideas, and also were rewarded for their digital product at a world level.









Watch the video below from the African Continental Camp: