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The winners of the Kenya Local Mobile Camp are:

OkoaCredo App is designed for selling airtime and gives cashback rewards to its users. The users are able to access airtime at 5% discount at any time anywhere, whether they are online or offline. The users also are able to benefit from 5 Free SMS’s to keep them communication when out of Airtime.

Beacon Chat is mobile app built on top of Bluetooth framework. It provides a platform for Collaborative Learning to individuals in Low Resource Contexts. The App provide education and Health Information opportunities to Deaf communities. Eg. In Refugee Camps. This comes from a great deal that Bluetooth is in 90% of devices in the market and operates anywhere regardless of network or internet connectivity. Beacon Chat is all about inclusion for the people often left behind and overlooked by society.

Ushauri App is essentially a webapp, chatbot and Phone app that administers highly personalized psychotherapy and, psycho-education on-demand. It is innovative application designed to increase access to care and treatment in a medical field that has previously been undermined by few medical practioners having to deal with huge demand in numbers. Ushauri a flagship project that aims to promote and Enhance mental health among young people, workplace and eventually to the general public.