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The Finalist of the Philippines Local Mobile Camp are: 

AgriCenter – a mobile application that connects local farmers to active consumers of goods in our community. This application promotes innovation in buying and selling goods in a small-scale community. Breaking the stereotype in the farming industry, this mobile application helps teach users about responsible buying of goods. This application as well, will promote support to our local farmers for them to gain a more sustainable way of living.

AntieSue – a mobile application that acts as a portal for people, especially the youth, with the will to achieve a better well-being and security on oneself. The application will contain group chats, tailor-made tools fit for the user’s profile, and suicide prevention hotlines.

ICan – A mobile application that pages local organizations or willing individuals who are ready to help the user by volunteer work. The user of the app can check these nearby organizations or willing individuals in a map and can contact them if the user is in need of assistance.

MAXX – Mobile app for translation of several languages.

Sports MobileThis app is mainly about giving a brief definition, information, and proper nutrition. It also contains categories on how and where to donate old stuff for less fortunate people. Sports mobile has its sports schedule nearby that suit you, and will give you different sports club that can adopt you for a period of time.

Attend Me – a form of academic appeals and a mobile academic institution’s bulletin board that will help people to find a calendared seminar or workshop by a commercial or professional organization that can bring people with same interest. It has also the function that can bring various people for recurring academic meeting focusing on a specific topic. Also, this app can give an information to each speaker they want to hear on his/her schedule event.

RECall – a mobile AI application that aids you in remembering things. With a tap of a button, it lets you record the things you need for the day such as your appointments, medicactions, tasks, etc. Through recording, the app will automatically plots the calendar, sets alarms, and make logs for you. The AI will learn what you have recorded. Through her learning’s you can ask personal questions such as “Where did I place my wallet?”, “What do I need to do today?”, “When is my appointment with the doctor?” and so on. The app will also remind you an hour before a certain event to make sure you won’t forget. The logs stored in the app will also be used for detecting early signs of memory problem such as Alzheimer’s disease with the use of data mining techniques to predict such behaviors.

Search Me – a creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. It can establish or confirm facts, reaffirm the results of previous work, solve new or existing problems, support theorems, or develop new theories.

RPLife- a mobile application that changes the way people view productivity. With our app, productivity will be seen as fun rather than a stressful activity. RPLife brings excitement to work, projects seemed like adventures, complete a task and deal damage to the enemy. Fail to do so on time and the entire team gets damaged. Being in a quest promotes engagement and cooperation to the team members. There are companions that will aid the users along their journey. They act as a coach, and as a friend and will inspire you to do more with their cute and charming personalities

Work – me – This app is to let every citizen of a respected place to come together and form a group and be involves the process of building a grassroots movement involving community engagement primarily deals with the practices of moving communities towards change, usually in a form of community feeding, literacy teaching, charity race, charity auction, clean drive, helping children and schools, helping senior citizen and more.

Life Guard – mobile application that will help us prepare for this unforeseen events to avoid or perhaps lessen its damages.

Sagip Basura – cash back app that incentivizes consumers to take photos of their recyclable things that the consumers wished to throw and in exchange for rewards Consumers throw their recyclable trash in a nearby recyclable centers in their districts.

Greenbox – The mobile application aims to solve the different pollutions and inconvenience that has been an effect of disposing garbage and trashes to inappropriate places. This is a navigating system that determines the locations of nearby garbage cans. The app can allow users to request for a trash can in the desired location or allow a nearby resident to register his or her own garbage cans.