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logoMladiinfo International was established in 2003 as a non-profit, independent organization dedicated to helping young people to fulfill their educational potential as they are challenged by many educational disadvantages caused by either personal, social, cultural or economic circumstance. This platform came into existence with the establishment of web portal www.mladiinfo.eu – Your link to free education, which aims at providing international audiences with information related to educational opportunities and youth entrepreneurship development. Web portal was subsequently updated and supported by young local and European volunteers, with its main goal to bring international opportunities: scholarships, internships, conferences, volunteering to students all around the world as well as educational information, lifelong-learning-conceptualized programmers and also funding opportunities for individuals, organizations and institutions.

Since its founding, Mladiinfo International promotes and mediates the communication between young people, students, professors, researchers, university officials, youth NGOs and all those involved in the educational process in Europe and worldwide. Dedicated to youth, their problems and needs from the very beginning, Mladiinfo has undertaken numerous activities promoting and enhancing free education, communication, media and journalism etc. Mladiinfo International has organized a number of conferences, seminars and workshops focused on issues such as: new media, journalism, digital photography, etc. Hundreds of young people from all over Europe participated at the events.

IMG_9142In meanwhile, Mladiinfo International has developed in a network with offices in other countries namely Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Poland and Albania, with a seeding office in Macedonia, Skopje. As a web platform, informative centre, and a network, Mladiinfo International has developed the necessary capacities to enhance the educational potential of the young people in the country and abroad. Mladiinfo International has a direct impact on the lives of youth, empowering them, promoting active citizenship, critical thinking and motivating them for an action.

Mladiinfo International is the applicant and coordinator of the project. In coordination with the other promoters, Mladiinfo will be responsible for the communication with partners, coordination and implementation of the project as setting up the agenda for the planned activities, as well as finding the premises for the Activities, obtaining the necessary equipment and support to the each partner, organizing the accommodation and food arrangements, etc. Mladiinfo will be also responsible for the evaluation and dissemination of information/results of the activities and will give support to the partner organization. In addition, an internal partnership agreement will be provided with the intention to define clearly the role of all parties involved in the project.

Mladiinfo International will make sure youth involvement in this project and also will secure the promotion of the final outcomes and products of mYouth in Europe and beyond. 

Contact Person: Ana Alibegova, Ivana Petrisková
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Tel: + 389 2 520 98 90
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