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420664_10150735358142489_1768964247_nThe cultural association Scambieuropei was established in 2009 with the main purpose to find opportunities for young Italians thus they experience European (or beyond-European) mobility, through the promotion of various job offers, scholarships, internships, volunteering placements, and intercultural exchanges.

Scambieuropei came into existence as a solution to the lack of access to information. It has emerged as an open space where young people are able to find free and edited information on different opportunities in order they gain new skills, foster their employability, or simply have a sharp look on Europe. The portal www.scambieuropei.info counts more than 300.000 visits per month and 750.000 pages views. The Facebook page of the organization has more than 90.000 followers, and above 26.000 have subscribed to receive Scambieuropei’s newsletter. Since the summer of 2011, the portal has become also an online magazine. In 2013, Scambieuropei launched “SharEUrope” (www.shareurope.com), a social network dedicated to European mobility. 

Scambieuropei is nowadays a cultural association dedicated to youth and their training and educational needs. The organization undertakes several initiatives promoting and enhancing active European citizenship, intercultural communication, social integration, media and journalism. One of the main objectives is to stimulate multi-cultural meeting and reciprocal knowledge to encourage a more real and less rhetoric ideal of “European citizenship”, that is why since 2010 Scumbieuropei are an accredited EVS sending and coordinating organization. 

On behalf the organization, it would be Desiree Pelliccia, Veronica Porru and Alessandra Campanari who will engage in project activities within mYouth. 

Desiree Pelliccia is a youth worker, trainer, and expert in European programs and management of youth projects. She is a recognized social educator at a national level in Italy. Has graduated Psychology at the University of Bologna, and is a MA in European Project Management. 

Veronica Porru is a project assistant at Scambieuropei, in charge of training courses and youth exchanges management within the organization. She is also cooperating with the staff in designing Scambieuropei’s international educational projects.  

Alessandra Campanari is the Editor in Chief of the web-portal of Scambieuropei. She is a postgraduate in Journalism at the London School of Journalism, and currently a Ph.D. student in Ancient and Modern Languages and Literature. Alessandra also acts as head of media and communication department within the organization.

Contact person: Federico Fabiani
Tel: +390518498846
Organization: Scambieuropei
Address: V. Lanzarini 11/C 40127 Bologna, Italy