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Mobile 4 Senegal is the legal instance of MobileSenegal. Mobile 4 Senegal is the first initiative of its kind in a Francophone country in Africa and recognized as a Tech Hub by the World Bank.

Mobile 4 Senegal organizes boot camps, courses, competitions and dedicated field projects, and arranges training for faculty. It is led by professional and passionate educators, developers and quality assurance experts from the US and Senegal. The teaching philosophy that Mobile 4 Senegal designed takes into consideration the multi-disciplinarity of mobile application development and integrates teaching components on technology, software engineering, graphics, marketing, and entrepreneurship. It mixes theoretical instructions with a focus on real projects for real beneficiaries and incorporates follow-up of the participants’ projects. Some of these projects are global in nature and involve students from the US, Senegal, Cambodia, India, Thailand, and Tanzania.

Mobile 4 Senegal is a pipeline that trains mobile developers for the Senegalese industry (incubators, startups and established companies). To date, more than 450 participants have completed boot camps and competitions.

Mobile 4 Senegal launched two meet-up groups which have a total of 600 members: Mobile Innovations Dakar and Mobile Innovation Thiès (now retired). It was instrumental in initiating Mobile Monday Dakar to build a sustainable community of professionals around mobile technology (http://mobilemondaydakar.org, http://meetup.com/mobileinnovationsdakar).

The Senegal partner for the mYouth 2.0 fully joins the activities of the project, by attending all meetings for the project, by selecting youth participants from Senegal to join mYouth 2.0, and further on organizes a competition through coordination with Mladiinfo International and other partners.

Contact person: Christelle Scharff
Tel: +852 35830006
Web: http://mobilesenegal.org; http://myouth.mobilesenegal.org
Organization: Mobile 4 Senegal | Dakar, Senegal
Facebook: http://facebook.com/mobilesenegal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mobilesenegal