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The Finalists of the Poland Local camp:

  1. „Nastroje Społeczne” – a mobile application thanks to which you can completely anonymous participate in social surveys and answer very important questions about Poland
  2. “Diet Plan” – a free application for creating diet plan based on the most interesting recipes available online
  3.  Language Corner – a mobile application used by kids for learning new languages
  4. “Clicer Settler” – an Android game which is a mix of a clicker and an old-fashioned RTS strategy
  5. Ready to Go – a mobile application motivates runners and helps them by suggesting the run route generated by complicated spatial alghorithms with usage of many data sources like green level, crossroads avoiding etc.
  6. „Komunikacja miejska Szczecin” – A simple application displaying information about public transport in Szczecin with a map of bus stops with timetables and a live updated location of public transport vehicles
  7. „Vacation Calandar” – a mobile application that allows to plan your vacation time
  8. „Wywóz śmieci i odpadów” – a mobile application allows to define schedule of picking the garbage, helps to prepare the garbage and put in front of the house, helps in sorting the trash, by displaying information about segregation specific material
  9. „Pokeout” – a mobile application using geolocation for connecting user witch this same interests and allow communication
  10. „My Favs” – a mobile application to find people who love the same music, meet new friends, find concerts in nearest city
  11. “Parafia Św. Stanisława Kostki w Poznaniu” – an app dedicated to local Catholic Parish in Poznań- it contains basic information about parish, contact to office and priests, inform parishioners about recent news in local community; 2) provide to users a simple inspiration sentence every day; 3) give parishioners opportunity to communicate in parish groups
  12. “Youth Projects” – an app to have all the Youth projects in one place, and make it easy for users to search through them due to the fact that it’s hard to track all of it and search through