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The social enterprise Youth Employment and Society Development is established by a young Vietnamese women group working in Hanoi to support disadvantaged youth. Since 2015, they have started a project, researching the life condition of disadvantaged youth aiming to provide them with good support and meet their needs. YESD works in 2 main areas: Non-Formal Education and Sustainable Tourism.

Their goal is not yet large as ‘creating a better world’ or ‘enhancing equality in Vietnam’ because they are just small drops of sand in this enormous world. For now, they want to ignite lights for children in the North of Vietnam by helping them widen their eyes and gain access to proper education as well as career opportunities, maximizing improvements and social impact in human and environmental well-being by operating corporate responsibility programs. They believe in the ideology of Buddhism ‘when giving, you are receiving’, therefore their vision is ‘by giving, you receive more than you expected’.

The mission of Youth Employment and Society Development is:

  1. To gradually deal with the unemployment rate among youth having the fact that Universities attain theory, and practice is lacking which causes many obstacles for youth in finding a suitable job after graduation. Identifying this urgent problem, Youth Employment and Society Development provides practical skills in English language and sustainable tourism through non-formal education aimed for graduates helping them to gain skills and a better approach toward career opportunities;
  2. To preserve traditions and culture by following the sustainable tourism guidelines.  In this way, local farmers do not need to give up their farming work to join groups of street vendor sellers, which have damaged the image of Vietnamese people and Vietnam in the eyes of our international friends;
  3. To protect the environment through sustainable tourism activities.

Contact person: Tuyet Trinh Thi
Email: info@yesd.org
Phone: +84 903 493 391
Web: http://yesd.org
Organization: Youth Employment and Society Development
Address: 7th Floor, Ho Guom Plaza Buiding,110 Tran Phu, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, Vietnam