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The Finalists of the Tanzanian Local Mobile Camp:

Mtabe App

Mtabe provides instant, curriculum-aligned answers to secondary school students. It serves even those who do not have internet access or smartphones. For those who do not have internet or smartphones, Mtabe provides answers via SMS.




Helping patients to locate medical specialists at different hospitals depending their proximity. Fast aid in attending patients, easy accessibility of medical assistance and connecting patients and doctors by booking appointments at ease.




Is a digital network platform that performs as an online publication marketplace. It distributes the publications through its mobile application and web widget. Dondosha was founded based on the great desire to seeing more people engage in reading Books, Magazines and Newspapers.The platform as well plays a vital role on education sector ,distributes learning materials such as notes at a free cost due to the fact that it is expensive for university students to acquire learning materials. Apart from that, Dondosha gives a great opportunity to online journalists (Blogger) to make extra income with Dondosha Widgets.Online Journalists can use Dondosha widget to resell local newspapers on their blogs.



Imama Africa

It’s a a local language app which contains maternal information that aims at reducing maternal mortality in Africa by providing adequate knowledge in relevance to the person using in the society! Reducing maternal mortality rate in the society by proving knowledge and some other features to which women or their partners can use it to prevent prevantable deaths related to knowlegde.



Elimu soma

Education app for small kids, it help them to read easily.



MoveIT is an on demand delivery services that facilitates movement of parcels from one place to another by connecting users and drivers in dar es salaam. By handling customer local logistics, MoveIT saves the customer a lot hence he/she can engage in other social-economical activities. Furthermore, MoveIT provide a platform for local drivers to earn a potential income.